The SEC is def not on my Christmas list this year…

Posted: October 19, 2011 by Joe Moore in Uncategorized

Georgia noseguard Kwame Geathers and Vanderbilt center Logan Stewart are expected to receive punishment from the Southeastern Conference for their actions on a play in the fourth quarter of this past Saturday’s game in Nashville. See link below.

How does the SEC dole out punishment for this but does ZERO for this? I know Spikes was suspended by Meyer but the SEC did nothing!


Or this…

  1. Brandon W. says:

    While none of the examples you gave were honorable, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Geathers threw a punch. We all know you can’t do that. In the Fairley clip, they immediately kick the kid from Auburn out of the game for throwing a punch and then he was assessed a half game penalty.

  2. Joe Moore says:

    All the examples I gave were more than honorable. Please explain to me how the SEC who saw the tape of Spikes and Fairley and did nothing? I was in Nashville and they both got personal foul calls against them. Actually there were 2 players kicked out at Auburn immediately after throwing a punch. Geathers was given a 15 yd personal foul penalty BUT NOT kicked out of the game. Please explain to me why Spikes didn’t get suspended by the SEC? We all no you cant gauge another players eye out? Dont confuse being a thug with a career ending cut block to knees 15 yds away from the play.

  3. Brandon W. says:

    No what I meant by “none of the examples you gave were honorable” is that they both were despicable and wrong. And the reason that the SEC didn’t take action against Spikes is because Urban did. I’m sure there was an ultimatum there from the league that if Urban didn’t suspend him that the SEC would. And for the record, no one called Geathers a thug. All I said is that regardless of what has gone on, if you throw a punch you are going to get suspended. It really doesn’t matter what happens before that. Right or wrong. If you throw a punch you are going to get suspended.

  4. Joe Moore says:

    I could work for you, just so you know

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